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Nutcracker is a specialist in developing software for financial markets and supporting information and functionality. We understand the dynamic demands of trading and wealth management environments and develop our solutions accordingly. Our service oriented architecture connects to an ever increasing number of markets and instruments for data feeds and trading. Our solutions facilitate processing and viewing this data in a transparent and effective way. Since 2000 Nutcracker serves a South African and international client-base from our offices in Johannesburg.

Nutcracker has recently expanded into the Kenyan financial service sector and are proud to announce our Kenyan “Analytics Portal”. Although this project is in the early stages it is a very comprehensive view of the NSE equities market. Work is being done to include funds and unit trusts in the next release. Subsequent releases will include, technical analysis, discussions, live CSDC & virtual portfolios, alerts and daily and weekly market reports. Additional eastern African markets including Uganda and Tanzania will also be added to the portal.

For more information on Nutcracker, please view our main portal at or contact us on +254 20 5230791